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Staying safe online

Uplands School takes the online safety of its students seriously and builds into lessons and fun times the need to stay safe online, at all times.

Young people with special educational needs are more at risk when using ICT.  Young people with SEN may be more vulnerable when using the internet and social media sites such as Facebook as they may not be aware that they are being bullied or that their own actions could be misunderstood as bullying. Young people may also not be able to judge when it is safe to share personal information online or how to report bullying.

Staying safe online - Follow the links to view

UK Safer Internet Website
On the UK Safer Internet Centre you can find e-safety tips, advice and resources to help children and young people stay safe on the internet.

Advice on what children do on the internet, social networking websites and online games.

Have a read through this very useful document, a parents guide to dealing with bullying for parents / carers who have a disabled child. Page 26 onwards deals with cyber bullying and useful links and contacts are detailed at the end.

Parent's Guide to Blogging 
If your young person shows an interest in blogging then please read this useful guide